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What is EURIDOL ?

EURIDOL is a Graduate School of Pain offering an integrated Master-PhD training program for highly motivated students aiming to work in the field of Pain Research. Students will be registered at the faculty of life sciences and will follow an initial master training in neuroscience with specific EURIDOL teaching modules.

The objective of the EURIDOL is to develop a training/research program on pain and its treatments, built on laboratories of excellence from the University of Strasbourg (Unistra) that are gathered in a research consortium, the Strasbourg Pain Initiative. To address the complexity of pain, training will favor transverse interactions between disciplines; and to reach excellence, it will gather the best researchers in fundamental and clinical neurosciences, in social and human sciences, in pharmacochemistry to design new treatments, and also include health professionals, associations of patients and industrial partners.

This unique and original research school, proposed by the University of Strasbourg in interaction with CNRS, INSERM and Strasbourg University Hospital, will concern national and international students from various backgrounds. During the first two years of training, EURIDOL will rely on the various tracks and laboratory training from the Master, Neuroscience specialty (Faculty of Life Sciences), to which researchers from public organisms (CNRS, INSERM) and MDs (Strasbourg University Hospital) already contribute. The EURIDOL program will also favor existing bridges for MD students and, beyond neurosciences and medicine, favor the integration of students coming from other disciplines.


Pierrick Poisbeau, PhD
Professor of Physiology & Neuroscience
Head of the Graduate School of Pain

EURIDOL is supported by the French Pain Society

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EURIDOL Grad. School of Pain
8 allée du Général Rouvillois
67000 Strasbourg
email: euridol@unistra.fr
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