EURIDOL academics & laboratories

Executive Direction

School direction: Prof. Pierrick Poisbeau
School manager: (to be recruited)

Strategic Direction

Head of Pedagogic committee: Prof. Pierre Veinante
Head of Scientific Committee: Dr Michel Barrot

Scientific Advisory Board

Constituted with national and non-national pain scientists from various disciplines (Medicine, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Neurophysiology, Sociology, Philosophy, Ethics, Human Sciences ...)

EURIDOL graduate School of Pain is supported by



Partners from the private sector

More to come !

- Biocodex Laboratories (internet website)
- Biotrial (internet website)
- DJO Global (internet website)
- Domain Therapeutics (internet website)
- DSI Transoma (internet website)
- Etiosystems (internet website)
- HypnoVR (internet website)
- ImmuSmol (internet website)
- Music Care (internet website)
- SATT Conectus (internet website)
- Schwa-Medico (internet website)
- Theranexus (internet website)
- Ugo-Basile (internet website)
- World Precision Instruments (internet website)

EURIDOL Grad. School of Pain
8 allée du Général Rouvillois
67000 Strasbourg
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