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EURIDOL academics & laboratories

Executive Direction

School direction: Prof. Pierrick Poisbeau
School manager: (to be recruited)

Strategic Direction

Head of Pedagogic committee: Prof. Pierre Veinante
Head of Scientific Committee: Dr Michel Barrot

Scientific Advisory Board

Constituted with national and non-national pain scientists from various disciplines (Medicine, Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Neurophysiology, Sociology, Philosophy, Ethics, Human Sciences ...)

EURIDOL graduate School of Pain is supported by


CNRS UPR 3212 - Institut des Neurosciences Cellulaires & Intégratives (INCI) Faculty of Life Sciences & CNRS INSB (Section 25) Members of the Neurogenycs FHU

1. Poisbeau laboratory - Project: Understand the developmental aspects of pain; Decipher the neurobiology of oxytocin & opiates in pain controls & treatments. (website)
2. Barrot/Yalcin laboratory - Project: Understand the anatomomolecular bases of the anxiodepressive consequences of pain; Decipher the therapeutic mechanisms of neuropathic pain treatments; Explore the molecular action of opioid receptors, tolerance & addiction. (website)
3. Schlichter laboratory - Project: Understand the spinal processing of nociceptive information. (website)
4. Bourgin laboratory - Project: Explore the impact of pain on sleep regulation. (website)
5. Isope laboratory - Understand networks processing sensory and motor information. (website)


CNRS UMR 7242 - Biotechnologie & Signalisation Faculty of Pharmacy & CNRS INSB (Section 20) Member of the Medalis LABEX

6. Simonin laboratory - Understand & treat opioid-induced hyperalgesia. (website)


CNRS UMR 7364 - Laboratoire des Neurosciences Cognitives & Adaptatives Faculty of Psychology & CNRS INSB (Section 26) Members of the Neurogenycs FHU

7. Dufour laboratory - Project: Explore nociceptive & pain processing in the elderly (human studies). (website)
8. Befort laboratory - Project: Understand cannabinoid analgesia & dependance. (website)


INSERM U1114 - Neuropsychologie Cognitive & Physiopathologie de la Schizophrénie Faculty of Medicine & INSERM CSS4 Member of the Neurogenycs FHU

9. Giersch laboratory - Project: Explore pain in psychiatric conditions (human studies). (website)


INSERM U1119 - Biopathologie de la myéline, neuroprotection & stratégie thérapeutique Faculty of Life Science & INSERM CSS4 Members of the Neurogenycs FHU

10. Mensah laboratory - Project: Understand & treat demyelinating painful conditions; Treat chemotherapy-induced pain. (website)


INSERM CIC1434 – Centre d’Investigation Clinique

11. De Sèze laboratory - Project: Explore pain in psychiatric conditions (human studies). (website)


CNRS UMR7200 - Laboratoire d’innovation thérapeutique Faculty of Pharmacy & CNRS INC (Section 16) Members of the Medalis LABEX

12. Bonnet laboratory - Projects: Develop new drugs for pain treatment & tools for pain research. (website)
13. Rognan laboratory - Project: Develop new drugs for pain treatment & tools for pain research. (website)


CNRS UMR7199 - Laboratoire de conception & application de molécules bioactives Faculty of Pharmacy & CNRS INC (Section 16)

14. Grutter laboratory - Develop chemical & molecular tools to explore the function of channels & receptors of the nociceptive & pain pathways. (website)


CNRS UMR7367 - Laboratoire de dynamiques européennes Faculty: Political Studies Institute & CNRS InSHS (Section 36)

15. Le Breton laboratory - Project: Explore the anthropology & human meaning of pain. (website)


Unistra EA3071 - Subjectivité, lien social & modernité Faculty of Psychology

16. Bacqué laboratory - Project: Understand suffering in human being. (website)


Unistra EA1342 - Sport et Sciences Sociales (E3S)

17. Vieille-Marchiset laboratory - Chabrier-Trinkler's Project: Study the impact of physical activity of well being. (website)


Hospital & Psychology centers (Members of the Neurogenycs FHU)

Centre d’étude & de Traitement de la Douleur (Prof Muller/Dr Salvat) Expertise: Pain & pain treatments in patients. (website)

Centre des troubles du sommeil - CIRCSom – Neurologie (Prof Bourgin) Expertise: Human sleep research. (website)

Centre de Neuromodulation non-invasive de Strasbourg (Dr Foucher) Expertise: Transcranial magnetic stimulation for treatments. (website)

Centre d'investigations neurocognitives & neurophysiologiques (Prof Dufour) Expertise: Sensory & cognitive assessments. (website)

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EURIDOL Grad. School of Pain
8 allée du Général Rouvillois
67000 Strasbourg
email: euridol@unistra.fr
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